• Coated Fiberglass Mat


  • Wind Energy Fiberglass Applications

    Wind Energy Fiberglass Applications

    GRECHO Fiberglass yarns are used in lightweight constructions for the globally growing wind energy industry where they have been integrated in multiple wind energy applications for...
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  • Medical Fiberglass Applications

    Medical Fiberglass Applications

    GRECHO manufactures high quality fine glass yarns for the use in products for various medical applications. These yarns are being used for the production of either circular or flat knitted-, as well as woven fabrics to create medical c...
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  • Leisure Fiberglass Applications

    Leisure Fiberglass Applications

    GRECHO has manufactured high quality yarns for the recreational and leisure markets for many years. Our yarns can be found in hockey sticks, snow skis, snowboards, skateboards, wat...
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  • Industrial Fiberglass Applications

    Industrial Fiberglass Applications

    GRECHO fiberglass products are used in many industrial applications, because they add strength, have low thermal conductivity, are naturally fire resistant, do not elongate or shri...
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  • Electrical Fiberglass Applications

    Electrical Fiberglass Applications

    The electronic products we depend on today would not be possible without fiberglass yarn, because of its inherent properties, which include low elongation, mechanical strength and thermal resistance. Electronic &a...
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  • Construction Fiberglass Applications

    Construction Fiberglass Applications

    GRECHO fiberglass yarns are used in construction applications because they add strength, are naturally fire resistant, do not elongate or shrink and do not decay.  Uses included:  ...
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  • Automotive Fiberglass Applications

    Automotive Fiberglass Applications

    Fiberglass yarns are used in automotive applications for their tensile strength, temperature resistance and dimensional stability. Uses include: Impregnated glass cords are used in the reinforcem...
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  • Aerospace Fiberglass Applications

    Aerospace Fiberglass Applications

    E-Glass laminates, because of their superior tensile strength and compressive strength qualities, have been used in aerospace applications for many years, starting with the Boeing 707 in the 1950s. As much as 50% ...
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