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GRECHO is a well-known fiberglass manufacturer with 15 years of industry experience and has cooperated with 610 customers around the world. The company is recognized for its unwavering professionalism, responsible attitude, excellent product quality and on-time delivery services. They continuously strive to improve production quality and R&D capabilities. GRECHO aims to cater to the diverse needs of customers across the globe by offering a wide range of fiberglass and carbon fiber materials such as coated fiberglass mats, carbon fiber fabrics, fiberglass reinforcements and fiberglass veils/tissues. It is worth noting that their best-selling product is coated fiberglass mat, with annual export volume exceeding 15 million square meters. In addition, GRECHO exports more than 540 containers of products annually. Chopped Fiberglass, Emc 300 450 , Fiber Glass Mat 300 , Glass Mats ,Fiberglass Spray Up Roving . GRECHO's professional and young foreign trade team provides overseas customers with comprehensive, timely and high-quality foreign trade services. They specialize in providing customized OEM services to ensure that products and packaging fully meet customer requirements and preferences. In addition, the company also provides logistics tracking services, allowing customers to monitor the transportation process and ensure timely and safe delivery to the destination. GRECHO is committed to providing comprehensive composite solutions to meet the growing needs of our customers. To achieve this goal, the company has established close partnerships with various collaborators to provide innovative products and solutions designed to save customers costs and time. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Portland, belarus,Mauritius, Nepal.Collaboration and partnerships are an integral part of GRECHO's growth strategy as they actively seek alliances with companies in Russia, Europe and other countries. Through strategic partnerships, GRECHO expands market reach and promotes mutual benefits while also driving knowledge sharing and innovation in the fiberglass&composites industry. GRECHO further demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction, leveraging its extensive supply chain resources to meet the diverse needs of different customers while streamlining costs and time. Sustainability is a key focus of GRECHO, and they adhere to environmentally friendly practices in their operations. By implementing strict quality control measures, GRECHO ensures that materials meet stringent environmental standards. Through these efforts, GRECHO aims to play an important role in reducing the industry’s carbon footprint while delivering high-quality products.

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