• GRECHO Fiberglass

Chopped Strands

  • AR Chopped Strands

    AR Chopped Strands

    • ● The high zirconium alkali resistant chopped strands with zirconium content of more than 16.5% has good fluidity, good dispersion, good alkali resistance, good corrosion resistance and durability.
    • ● Our AR chopped strands are premixed with other materials such as cement and concrete, and the premixed mixture is formed in a molded GRC unit using vibration casting or other processes.
    • ●  It is easy to fuse even at high dose and has good clustering property after mixing.
  • Basalt Fiber chopped strands

    Basalt Fiber chopped strands

    Basalt Fiber Chopped Strands are usually coated with a sizing/binder to make them compatible with other materials and elements which it has to co-exist with the primary end product, this product is recommended to use for making non-woven mats, chopped strand mats, veils, brake, linings, clutch, plates and for reinforcement of concrete and asphalt highway. It is a good choice to take place of other costly fiber and steel fiber.

  • Chopped Strands For BMC

    Chopped Strands For BMC

    Chopped strands for BMC are ideal compatible with Phenolic resin with coating silane sizing, with a perfect choppability and dispersion. Widely used in molding, injection and transfer molding press. With compatible with phenolic resin, enhance the composite material perfect mechanical property.


    Good strand integrity

    Low static and fuzz

    Rapid and uniform distribution in resin

    Excellent mechanical and processing properties