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GRECHO as a leading marketer of providing premium quality glass fiber material, fiberglass products and non-woven for commercial, industrial and residential applications etc.


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grecho by the numbers

  • 15
    15 years
    15 Years of international trade
  • 35+
    35+ Sources
    35+ Sources (Among them, 10 listed companies, 5 state-owned enterprises)
  • 610
    610 customers
    610 Customers
  • 2M+
    2M+ tons
    2M+ Tons (Annual capacity of fiberglass roving & yarns)
  • 540+
    540+ Containers
    540+ Containers/Shipments (We are exporting per year)

Get to Know Us Through the Lens

Through our partners in Chinese mainland who have more than 15 years of experiences in the glass manufacturing industry and they are the world leaders in industry and construction markets.
we have access to an abundance of resources, which allows us to bring you the most innovative glass fiber product solutions in the world.

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success stories

With our experience in fiberglass products and cooperation with reliable factories, we provide reliable services to a wide range of industries.


More Cases
  • Country: Russia

    Country: Russia

    A customer from Russia placed an order with us for fiberglass veils for acoustic ceilings.Create safer buildings with GRECHO ceiling veils that increase your peace of mind with flame retardant veil technology while achieving better acoustics.
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  • Country: United States

    Country: United States

    The first shipment of GRECHO-manufactured GCTM70 roofing material to the United States has improved economic performance for US customer. This batch of material is mainly used as the base material of roofing waterproof material, which has the characteristics of high strength, good uniformity, excellent weather resistance, good leakage resistance, waterproofing, significantly extended service life, and so on.
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  • Country: UAE

    Country: UAE

    300gsm & 450gsm chopped strand mat & 600gsm woven roving for tank & piping system in UAE. Use GRECHO's fiberglass as reinforcement material to realize corrosion resistance, leakage prevention, and heat insulation of UAE pipelines.
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CHOPPED strand mat

  • Fast and consistent wet-out speed in resins
  • Good mold conformability
  • Fine fiber strands, spread evenly
  • High wet-strength retention
  • High tensile strength

Annual Export Volume

  • Europe : 55 thousand tons
  • Middle East : 41 thousand tons
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Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat is made of randomly distributed
chopped strands held together by powder or emulsion binder, it
is compatible withUP,VE, EP, PF resins.

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Chopped strand mat is often used with fiberglass woven roving

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Fiberglass Woven Roving

E Glass Woven roving are bidirectoinal fabric made by interweaving rovings and compatible with unsaturated polyester resin, vinylester resin, epoxy and phenolic resins. They are used for hand lay-up and robot automation process of FPR products.
Fiberglass woven roving cloth is stronger than chopped strand mats, and both are often used in conjunction with each other. In some high-strength products, fiberglass woven roving cloth plays a major role, and chopped strand mat plays the role of auxiliary reinforcement. At the same time, a chopped strand mat can be used for surface treatment, which makes up for some shortcomings of fiberglass woven roving cloth.

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cooperative factory production line

We cooperate with 35 domestic factories, including 10 listed companies and 5 state-owned enterprises.

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SGS Inspection, Quality Assurance

Our products are lighter, stronger, and last longer even in the harshest conditions. We provide proven solutions at low lifecycle costs

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what our chief executive officer said?

Yvonne Cho
Yvonne Cho


Our partner in mainland China has more than 15 years of experience in the glass manufacturing industry and is a global leader in the industrial and construction markets. GRECHO is committed to bringing you the highest quality products and this includes our ceiling veils. Depending on your project specifications, we offer a range of product options to meet different needs. Our team of experts is always ready to help you choose the right product for your requirements.


We are committed to our journey with a commitment to building a greener future and promoting a shared understanding of our GRECHO company’s sustainability strategy. Our sustainability journey forces us to develop and improve in a balanced and responsible manner. To achieve this, we will focus on the main drivers: reduce, scale up and innovate for a low-carbon future.
We hope to establish a long-term business relationship with you and welcome a conversation to learn more about your business and how we can serve you.

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