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GRECHO is a dedicated enterprise specializing in the production of fiberglass. The company attaches great importance to high-tech and scientific management practices, continuously improves production quality and research and development capabilities, and ensures to provide excellent products and solutions to valued customers. Quality is the cornerstone of GRECHO's operations. We consider it integral to our success and prioritize it at every stage of production. We strictly abide by international standards and relevant certification requirements, and implement a comprehensive quality control system and management system. These measures guarantee the stability and reliability of each batch of products we deliver. Fiberglass Reinforcing Mesh, Fiberglass Mats , Fiberglass Emulsion Chopped Strand Mat , Stitched Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat ,Fibreglas Chop Strand Mat . GRECHO's dynamic and professional foreign trade team complements its excellent product series and is able to provide high-quality, timely and comprehensive services to international customers. Their expertise spans various areas including OEM customization, logistics tracking, online support and comprehensive solution packages. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,United Kingdom, Denver,Lebanon, Korea.As part of our expansion plan, GRECHO is actively looking for strategic partners from Russia, Europe and other countries. Our vision includes forging mutually beneficial collaborations that move the fiberglass industry forward, leveraging our collective expertise to create breakthrough solutions and capitalize on emerging opportunities. An unwavering dedication to excellence is in GRECHO's DNA. We adhere to strict international standards and certifications, and operate under a sound quality control system and management framework. This commitment ensures consistent and reliable performance with every product that bears the GRECHO name. GRECHO welcomes inquiries from partners from Russia, Europe and beyond, envisioning a future driven by innovation and collaborative success in the fiberglass industry.

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