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GRECHO is a highly respected fiberglass manufacturer with an impressive 15 years of industry experience. Their unparalleled expertise has earned them a loyal clientele and successful collaboration with 610 valued clients across the globe. At GRECHO, professionalism, responsible behavior, product quality and on-time delivery are priority values. The company's unwavering dedication to continuous improvement is reflected in their relentless efforts to improve production quality and research and development capabilities. To meet the diverse needs of global customers, GRECHO offers a wide range of fiberglass and carbon fiber materials. These include coated fiberglass mats, carbon fiber fabrics, frp rebar and fiberglass veils/tissue. Among their commendable products, coated fiberglass mat is the best-selling product with an astounding annual export volume of over 15 million square meters. Impressively, GRECHO exports over 540 containers of quality products every year. Fibreglass Roof Resin, Customized Glass Fiber Surface Mat , Fiberglass Chopped Strands Mat E-Glass , Fiberglass Choped Stand Mat Emulsion Csm900 ,Chopped Fiberglass . In order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, GRECHO has established a dedicated and dynamic team of foreign trade experts who are committed to providing comprehensive, timely and high-quality services to our distinguished overseas customers. GRECHO specializes in custom original equipment manufacturing (OEM) services, carefully customizing products and packaging to meet customers' precise requirements and preferences. Additionally, they pride themselves on providing reliable logistics tracking services, allowing customers to monitor the safety and on-time delivery of their goods. Driven by a passion for innovation and cost-effectiveness, GRECHO has established strong partnerships with multiple collaborators, including ten public companies and five state-owned enterprises. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Muscat, Egypt,Monaco, Peru.GRECHO is cooperating with many countries around the world, especially Russia and European countries. By fostering mutually beneficial alliances, GRECHO aims to facilitate knowledge sharing, drive innovation and expand market reach. They actively welcome other countries to form alliances, cultivate good cooperative relationships, and promote industry development.

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