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GRECHO is a well-known fiberglass manufacturer with 15 years of industry experience, working with 610 customers worldwide. The company's professionalism, responsible attitude, product quality, and on-time delivery services are widely recognized. They strive to improve production quality and R&D capabilities. GRECHO caters to the needs of diverse customers across the globe, offering a wide range of fiberglass and carbon fiber materials including coated fiberglass mats, carbon fiber fabrics, fiberglass reinforcements and veils/tissues. It is worth noting that their best-selling product is coated fiberglass mat, with annual export volume exceeding 15 million square meters. In addition, GRECHO exports more than 540 containers per year. Grp Roofing Resin, Chopped Stranded Mat , Emulsion Binder Chopped Strand Mat , Emulsion Chopped Strand Mats ,Fiberglass Grating . GRECHO's dynamic and professional foreign trade team complements its excellent product range, and is good at providing high-quality, timely and comprehensive services to foreign customers. Whether it is OEM customization, logistics tracking, online support, or a comprehensive one-stop composite solution, GRECHO's foreign trade team guarantees a seamless and efficient experience. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Japan, Malta,Bahamas, South Korea.GRECHO's extensive supply chain enables us to offer our customers a diverse selection of products. From composites to carbon fiber materials, our product range caters to a variety of industry needs and specifications. Whether your needs are specific or niche, our extensive product range ensures the right solution for your business. As a responsible company, sustainability is a core pillar of our operations. We remain committed to adhering to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes to ensure our products meet the highest sustainability standards. From production to logistics, we make smart decisions to minimize our ecological impact and contribute to a greener future. GRECHO's commitment to excellence allows us to expand our international reach. We are very proud of exporting to many countries including Russia and Europe, and continuously welcome cooperation from partners around the world. By cultivating mutually beneficial relationships and continually pursuing growth opportunities, we aim to pave the way for a brighter future.

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