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Compared with traditional metal structural materials, GRECHO composite materials have a higher strength/mass ratio, and composite materials are used to build hulls and structures, which are lighter and have better performance in terms of fuel consumption and increased speed.

At the same time, GRECHO composite materials also have the advantages of corrosion resistance, non-magnetism, and good plasticity. Therefore, since the advent of composite materials, they have been playing an important role in the shipbuilding industry. The application research on ships has always been the concern of major shipbuilding countries. focus.

Composite Material Definition

A composite material is a multiphase solid material composed of two or more substances with different physical and chemical properties. Although each component material of the composite material still maintains its relative independence, the performance of the composite material is not a simple summation of the properties of the component materials, but far superior to both.

Classification of Marine Composite Materials
At present, marine composite materials, especially composite materials used in hull structures, are mainly polymer matrix composite materials, which can be divided into two types according to structure: laminated board (fiber reinforced composite material) and sandwich structure composite material, including three Important composites in three aspects: reinforcement material, resin (i.e. matrix) and core material.

The superiority of the performance of GRECHO marine composites is mainly reflected in: light weight and high strength, which can effectively improve the reserve buoyancy of the hull; the integration of structure and function, the performance can be designed under the condition of meeting the structural load, usually with acoustic, radar, vibration reduction, protection, For other properties such as low magnetism, the general material forming process is also a structural forming process; corrosion resistance can meet the harsh marine environment requirements such as high salt, high humidity, and ultraviolet rays.

Fiberglass  ship
Fiberglass ship

Development Trend of GRECHO Marine Composite Materials
GRECHO composite materials have great advantages in marine applications, and accelerating the design and development of composite materials is to solve the main problems hindering their application in ships. The future development direction of marine composite materials is firstly the improvement of the design process.

The development trend of GRECHO composite materials is to design and manufacture high-performance, low-cost composite materials, promote the development of composite materials from non-load-bearing structures to primary/secondary load-bearing structures, expand from local use to large-scale applications, and increase the research and development and application of composite materials, so that it has the characteristics of low cost, high performance, multi-function, optimized connection, long life, safety and reliability.


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Post time: May-25-2023