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FRP is widely used in the field of corrosion resistance and has a long history in developed countries. Since the 1950s, domestic corrosion-resistant FRP has made great progress. Especially in the past 20 years, with the introduction of manufacturing equipment and technologies related to corrosion-resistant FRP raw materials and products, the types and applications of corrosion-resistant FRP products have become more and more extensive in various fields of the national economy.

1. Application in the Field of Environmental Protection
With the development of industry, the problem of environmental pollution has become one of the common concerns nowadays. Many countries have invested huge human and material resources in environmental protection industry, a new industry field. FRP has been widely used in water supply and drainage pipeline engineering. In recent years, more and more types of sewage and corrosive media, corrosion strength is increasing, which requires the use of better corrosion resistance materials, and corrosion resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic is the best material to meet this demand. Applications of composite materials in environmental protection include general industrial waste gas treatment, oil and water treatment, toxic sewage treatment, waste incineration treatment and urban waste water deodorization treatment.

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2. Application in the Field of Food
The excellent corrosion resistance of FRP means that this material is lively and pollution-free, and can naturally become a highly clean item, such as an optional material for storing high-purity water, medicine, wine, milk, etc.

3.Application in the Field of Chlor-Alkali Industry
The chloralkali industry is one of the first areas of application of FRP as a corrosion resistant material. At present, pif has become the main material in the chlor-alkali industry. Since the early 1950s, FRP was used for the first time to recover heat (93°C), wet chlorine and organic matter from ink electrodes. This application replaced the phenolic asbestos plastics of the time. Later, fibreglass reinforced plastic was used to replace the cover of the concrete electrolysis tank, solving the problem of corroded concrete debris falling into the electrolysis tank. Since then, pif has been progressively used in various piping systems, gas fan mobility, heat exchanger hulls, brine tanks, pumps, swimming pools, floors, wall panels, grids, handles, railings and other structural components. At the same time, FRP also began to enter various fields of the chemical industry.

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4. Application in the Field of Papermaking
Paper industry to wood as raw material, paper process needs acid, salt, bleach, etc., has a strong corrosion effect on metal, only FRP material can resist antibiotics such harsh environment, FRP has shown its excellent corrosion resistance in some countries' pulp production.

5. Application in Metal surface Treatment
Metal surface treatment plant used by the acid, mostly hydrochloric acid, basically with FRP is no problem.

6. Application in Seawater Desalination
Desalination of seawater is divided into traditional distillation method and reverse osmosis membrane method. Because seawater is very easy to corrode iron materials, most of the pipes and containers of seawater desalination plants are made of glass fiber reinforced plastics.

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7. Application in the Pharmaceutical Industry

There are many types of medicines, each raw material is different, and there are many cases of corrosion. FRP is also very popular in the pharmaceutical industry.


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