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Is Glass Mat Gypsum Board Waterproof?

In recent years, the construction industry has seen a growing demand for innovative building materials with greater durability and longevity.

One material that is getting some attention is glass mat gypsum board. However, one question that builders and architects often ask has to do with the waterproofing capabilities of glass mat drywall. To address this issue, leading building materials supplier GRECHO has launched coated fiberglass mats for drywall/gypsum board, providing a solution that combines the benefits of waterproofing with structural integrity.

Glass mat drywall, often referred to as "greenboard," is a type of drywall that contains a layer of fiberglass mat in its composition.

This fiberglass mat adds strength and flexibility to the gypsum core, creating a stronger and impact-resistant material compared to traditional drywall.
There Are Many Advantages To Glass Mat Gypsum, But The First Question That Still Needs To Be Asked Is, Is It Waterproof?
I'm sure that's what many people wonder about it.

The key to determining the waterproofing capabilities of fiberglass mat drywall is to understand the role of fiberglass mat in its composition.
Fiberglass is a material known for its waterproofing properties, acting as a barrier to prevent water from penetrating into the plaster core. This unique property makes coated glass mat drywall a suitable choice for moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.


Recognizing the industry's need to improve the moisture resistance of gypsum board, GRECHO has stepped up its efforts to offer gypsum coated glass mat for drywall. This innovative solution adds a layer of protection to the surface of the board, significantly enhancing its waterproofing capabilities.
GRECHO's gypsum coated glass facer mats are manufactured using a proprietary process that involves applying a specialized coating to the fiberglass mat before embedding it in a gypsum core. The coating acts as an additional barrier against water penetration, increasing durability and resistance to moisture damage.
Additionally, the coating does not compromise the flexibility and strength of the fiberglass mat, ensuring the overall structural integrity of the fiberglass mat drywall.


Enhanced Waterproofing:
The addition of a waterproof coating further enhances the waterproofing properties of glass mat gypsum, making it a reliable choice for areas exposed to Moisture And Moisture.
Mildew Resistant:
By preventing water penetration, GRECHO's coated fiberglass mat face effectively reduces the chance of mold and mildew growth, helping to create a healthier indoor environment.

Extended Service Life:
The improved waterproofing capabilities provided by coated fiberglass tissue mat can significantly extend the life of glass mat-faced gypsum, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.
Using more durable glass mat drywall minimizes the need for environmental resources. This environmental aspect has a positive impact on sustainability efforts in the construction industry.


The launch of GRECHO’s coated fiberglass veils for drywall marks a major advancement for the construction industry. Builders and architects can now take advantage of this product to create spaces that require enhanced moisture resistance. This innovation opens the door to bolder and more ambitious building designs in areas that have traditionally been constrained by flooding concerns.

The introduction of GRECHO Drywall Coated Fiberglass Mat is a breakthrough that solves the question of whether fiberglass faced gypsum panels is truly waterproof. With its enhanced waterproofing capabilities, the combination of fiberglass mats and special coatings provides a reliable solution for areas prone to moisture. When choosing panels for interior decoration, ceilings, and interior walls, panels with coated glass mat as the surface substrate are the most waterproof. As building projects evolve, using products like GRECHO coated fiberglass mats will help create more durable, long-lasting, and attractive spaces.

Post time: Oct-26-2023