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Nowadays, there are many large shopping malls, city squares, and high-end residential areas. In order to accumulate popularity and attract customers, businesses are racking their brains. Various posters and promotions are nothing new. At this time, the term "commercial beauty" is gradually being used by everyone. As we all know, commercial beautification refers to the high-grade beautification decoration and display for the commercial environment (commercial space), which is mainly placed in shopping malls, rest areas of squares, elevator waiting areas, idle areas, office areas, etc. Commercial beautification is not only can improve the grade of shopping malls but it can also attract more customers. Everyone likes beautiful things, and the necessity of commercial beauty is getting more and more attention from shopping malls.

A successful commercial beauty display is inseparable from the double blessing of design and production. As a common material for commercial beauty display, FRP has a very wide range of applications in commercial beauty display, such as some shopping mall leisure chairs, glass fiber reinforced plastic flower pots, sculpture ornaments, various modern Popular movie character sculptures, cartoon dolls, large animals, FRP creative works, and cartoon animation sculptures that children like, theme park sculptures, and amusement facilities are all made of FRP, which can make the environment full of art without much decoration. The atmosphere can be said to earn the attention of the audience.


So, what are the specific applications of FRP in commercial beauty? GRECHO Fiberglass will share with you as follows:

Fiberglass sculpture
With the enrichment of the artistic modeling of FRP products, the visual design of Meichen is more personalized. FRP figure sculptures, FRP animal sculptures, and FRP cartoon sculptures are more and more favored by businesses, and are widely used in commercial beauty display scene packaging.

Fiberglass flower pots, flower pots
FRP leisure landscape flower pots reflect the concept of artistic design through three aspects: material, shape and color. It is an element of commercial beauty. FRP flower pots are the most commonly used materials for flower vases and artistic flower pots in shopping malls because of their easy-to-shape materials, exquisite styles, and rich surface effects.


FRP seat, sofa

As an important part of the shopping mall leisure area, FRP seats have become an indispensable part of many commercial beauty decorations. They have various shapes and can be used alone or in combination.

As an important element of commercial beauty, the selection of materials directly affects the cost, process and effect of beauty. As commercial beauty is included in the marketing category by major businesses, in addition to its strong material, FRP commercial beauty can also make it closer to consumers. FRP sculpture products have a long service life and can be used for a long time to achieve better and more stable drainage effect.

Although the production process of FRP is slightly complicated, it cannot prevent FRP from becoming a favorite material for commercial use. High-quality FRP, coupled with exquisite craftsmanship and creative design, often brings a stunning visual feast.

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Post time: May-11-2023