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With the gradual advancement of resumption of work and production after the epidemic, investment in real estate, infrastructure, and other fields has been increasingly strengthened. The output of fiberglass mesh maintained a good growth momentum.

1. What is fiberglass mesh
Fiberglass mesh is a mesh fabric woven with fiberglass yarn. Its application fields are different, and the specific processing methods and product mesh sizes are also different.
2. Properties of glass fiber mesh
Glass fiber mesh has the characteristics of good dimensional stability, good mildew resistance, good fire resistance, good toughness, good fabric stability, excellent fire resistance, stable color, etc.


3. Various applications of glass fiber mesh
Due to the performance advantages of glass fiber mesh, it has been widely used in the field of building materials and other fields. The most common types are insect-proof mesh, mesh for resin grinding wheels, and mesh for external wall insulation.
The first type of application is insect-proof mesh. The product is made of glass fiber yarn coated with polyvinyl chloride, woven into a mesh, and then heat-set. The insect-proof mesh is light in weight and bright in color, which can not only effectively isolate mosquitoes but also play a certain decorative role.
The second is glass fiber mesh for resin grinding wheels. Resin grinding wheels consist of abrasives, binders, and reinforcements. Due to the high tensile strength of glass fiber and good affinity with phenolic resin, it becomes an ideal reinforcing material for resin grinding wheels. After the glass fiber mesh is dipped, it is cut into the mesh of the required specification, and finally made into a grinding wheel. After the glass fiber mesh of the grinding wheel is reinforced, its safety, operating speed, and grinding efficiency are greatly improved.
The last is the mesh for external wall insulation. Laying glass fiber mesh in the thermal insulation system of the external wall can not only avoid surface cracks that may be caused by factors such as external temperature but also ensure the stability of the thermal insulation system of the external wall.
To sum up, glass fiber mesh has a variety of good properties, has been widely used at home and abroad, and has broad development prospects. GRECHO provides high-quality fiberglass mesh at a competitive price and has received positive feedback from many customers. If you are also interested in it, please feel free to contact us!

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Post time: May-05-2023