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What are the Advantages and Applications of Basalt Fiber Composite Bars?

Advantages and Applications of Basalt Fiber Composite Bars

Basalt fiber composite bar is a new material formed by pultrusion and winding of high strength basalt fiber and vinyl resin (epoxy resin).

Advantages of Basalt Fiber Composite Rods

1. The specific gravity is light, about 1/4 of that of common steel bars;

2. High tensile strength, about 3-4 times that of ordinary steel bars;

3. Acid and alkali resistance, insulation and magnetic insulation, good wave transmission performance and good weather resistance;

4. The coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to that of concrete, which significantly reduces early cracking;

5. Convenient transportation, good design ability and high construction efficiency;

6. Improve service life and reduce maintenance costs;

7. Compared with the loss of the steel bar, the loss is reduced by 6%.



1. Application of concrete bridge structure.

In the cold winter, a large amount of industrial nitrate is sprayed on bridges and roads every year to prevent freezing. However, saltwater corrosion on traditional reinforced concrete bridges is very serious. If the composite reinforcement is used, the corrosion problem of the bridge can be greatly reduced, the maintenance cost can be reduced, and the service life of the bridge can be increased.


2. Application in Road Construction
In road construction, concrete pavements and prestressed concrete roads that mainly use border reinforcement need to improve durability. Because the use of road salt in winter will aggravate the corrosion of steel bars. In order to solve the problem of anti-corrosion, the use of composite reinforcement on the road shows great advantages.

3. Application in Structural Concrete Fields
Such as seaports, wharves, coastal areas, parking lots, etc. Whether it is a high-rise parking lot, a land parking lot or an underground parking lot, there is a freezing problem in winter. The steel bars of many buildings in coastal areas deteriorate significantly due to corrosion of sea salt in the breeze. Marine. The tensile strength and elastic modulus of black fiber composite bars are superior to those of steel bars, making them the best choice for underground engineering reinforcement. At the same time, they are also widely used in the reinforcement of concrete tunnels and in underground oil storage facilities.

4. Application in Anticorrosive Buildings
Domestic and industrial wastewater is a major source of corrosion of steel bars, and other gaseous, solid and liquid chemicals can also cause corrosion of steel bars. The corrosion resistance of composite bars is better than that of steel bars, so it can be widely used in sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment equipment, Shishan chemical equipment, etc.

5. Application in Underground Engineering.
In underground engineering, composite reinforced grating is generally used for reinforcement.

6. Applications in low-conductivity and magnetic-field-free components.
Due to the electrical insulation and easy penetration of electromagnetic waves of composite bars, concrete buildings are used in the field of preventing personal hazards due to current induction or short circuit and protecting sensitive electronic communication equipment, making full use of the non-magnetic and non-conductive properties of composite bars.

It is widely used in MRI facility base in medical construction industry, airports, military facilities, communication buildings, anti-radar jamming buildings, high-end office buildings, weather forecasting observation stations, etc. earthquakes, electronic equipment rooms, etc. The use of basalt composite bars can also prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents in buildings due to current induction or leakage.

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