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Carbon fiber cloth is also known as carbon fiber woven cloth, carbon fiber reinforcement cloth, carbon fiber tape, etc. It is made of 12 kinds of K carbon fiber woven. Carbon fiber cloth is suitable for tensile and seismic reinforcement of certain load-bearing structures, and can deal with cracks in buildings, repair and reinforce some defects in other projects. Carbon fiber cloth and its supporting facilities impregnated with adhesive can be used together to turn into carbon fiber composite materials, and its performance is even more superior. The application of carbon fiber cloth is getting wider and wider. What are the benefits of carbon fiber cloth? Let's take a look.

Carbon fiber cloth process principle
The reinforcement principle of carbon fiber cloth is: the surface of concrete members with high-performance carbon fiber supporting facilities resin impregnated adhesive, the use of carbon fiber material good tensile strength, improve the bearing capacity and compressive strength of structural members.

carbon fiber cloth

Carbon fiber fabric product characteristics
High strength, low density, thin thickness, basically does not increase the weight and cross-sectional size of reinforced structural members. Strong adaptability, widely used in building bridges, tunnels and other types of structural features, structural shape of the reinforcement repair, seismic reinforcement and nodes of structural reinforcement. Convenient engineering construction, no large machinery, no wet work, no fire, no on-site fixed facilities, engineering construction occupies less space, high efficiency of engineering construction. High durability, very suitable for high acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion environment.
Applicable beams, plates, columns, steel roof frame, bridge piles, highway bridges, cylinder joints, shells and other types of structural characteristics of the material structure location of reinforcement and repair. Applicable to port engineering, water conservancy and hydropower in the concrete structure, masonry structure, wood structure reinforcement and seismic reinforcement, especially applicable to curved surfaces, nodes and other complex forms of structural reinforcement. The strength of the foundation concrete is required to be not less than C15. The construction environment temperature of the project is 5~35℃ and the relative humidity does not exceed 70%.

The main uses of carbon fiber cloth
I. Carbon fiber fabric application areas:
1. Aerospace: airframe, rudder, rocket engine shell, missile diffuser, solar panel, etc.
2. Sports equipment: auto parts, motorcycle parts, fishing rods, baseball bats, sleds, speedboats, badminton rackets, etc.
3. Industry: engine parts, fan blades, drive shafts, electrical parts, etc.
4. Construction: building use load increase, engineering use function change, material aging, concrete strength grade lower than the design value

Second, the application of carbon fiber cloth performance:
1. Beam, column fracture reinforcement
2. Seismic reinforcement of additional floors
3. Elevated bridge repair and reinforcement
4. Shear wall opening reinforcement
5. Balcony root fracture reinforcement
6. light weight, can be operated in a small space, the construction process is not affected
7. engineering structure used in high strength, bending, shear, compression flexibility
8. has excellent flexibility, can wrap complex shape members
9. to meet various components surface (highway bridges, tunnels, plates, beams, columns, ventilation barrels, pipes, walls, etc.) alkali resistance, chemical corrosion resistance requirements
10. fabric can be reused, cover flat; small impact on decoration, long storage life; allow long operating life, before operation, during operation, after operation allows a certain difference in the environment
11. high temperature resistance, creep resistance, wear resistance, good shock resistance

Carbon fiber cloth is a very practical steel material, playing a very important role in many industries. The quality of carbon fiber cloth is very important, and it directly determines the quality of construction, so it should be carefully distinguished when buying carbon fiber cloth.

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