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Polypropylene Fiber

  • PP Synthetic Macro Fiber

    PP Synthetic Macro Fiber

    With 100% polypropylene as raw material, PP macro fiber is produced by special molding process and surface modification; it has advantage of acid, alkali resistant, excellent tensile, easy dispersing, convenience for construction and no damage to vehicles and pavement and no need for special conservation. PP macro fiber can be used instead of steel fiber to enhance the crack resistance of cement concrete and significantly improve the toughness and flexural of concrete.

    (Supply bundled and bulk)



  • PP Twist Fiber

    PP Twist Fiber

    PP Monofilament Fiber is a kind of high strength bunched monofilaments fiber made by special technology with PP as the main raw material.

    In concrete or mortar to add PP mono-filament fiber, can effectively prevent temperature changes, plastic and dry shrinkage caused by micro cracks, so as to prevent and control the occurrence and development of cracks, effectively improve the concrete crack resistance, permeability resistance, and impact resistance performance.