• GRECHO Fiberglass

Tissue Mat (Veils_Thin Sheets)

  • Fiberglass Veils for Insulated Roof Decks & Walls

    Fiberglass Veils for Insulated Roof Decks & Walls

    ● Mainly used as excellent substrates for the surface layer and the inner layer of wall and ceiling, waterproof roofing materials.

    ● High tensile strength, corrosion resistance, easily soaked by asphalt, and so on.

    ● The waterproof roofing tissue made of this substrates is not easy to crack, ageing and rot. Other advantages of waterproof roofing tissue are uniform thickness, flame retardation, excellent uniformity, good weathering quality and leaking resistance.

    ● A environment-friendly product made of chopped fiber glass by wet process.

  • Fiberglass Surface Tissue Mat

    Fiberglass Surface Tissue Mat

    ● Mainly used as the surface layers of FRP products.

    ● Uniform fiber dispersion, smooth surface, soft hand-feeling, low binder content, fast resin impregnation and good mould obedience.

    ● CBM surfacing mat is capable of significantly improving the performances of surface layer to realize longer lifetime and resistance against corrosion, leakage and compression.

    ● SBM surfacing mat is characterized by its good mould obedience and fast resin saturating, it is indispensable materials for high quality molds and FRP products.