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Team Culture


Yvonne Cho(CEO): Our commitment to employee well-being training is key to creating a proactive work environment. We invest in comprehensive training programs to provide our employees with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully perform their duties. In addition, we continually support their growth through mentoring programs and professional development opportunities. Our focus on employee well-being extends beyond training; we ensure a healthy work-life balance, offer competitive compensation packages, and provide an inclusive and supportive workplace culture. By nurturing our employees and promoting their overall well-being, we not only drive GRECHO success but also create a thriving, engaged workforce.


John OuJohn Ou

Sales Manager

Being the Sales Manager of GRECHO Company has indeed provided me with an excellent platform to showcase my skills and value. Company management created an environment that encouraged innovation and allowed me to take control of my work. With their support and resources, I was able to develop and execute a successful sales strategy that resulted in significant revenue growth. The freedom and trust I receive from the management team allows me to think outside the box and implement new ideas that positively impact our customer base.  The GRECHO Company has truly allowed me to flourish and demonstrate my full potential as a sales professional.

Chris LiJessie Nong

Sales Specialist

“Since joining GRECHO, I have gained an extensive understanding of fiberglass and composite materials. My colleagues were extremely helpful in guiding me through the material. The company believes in young talents and provides us young people with practical training to improve our abilities. The help from the company and my colleagues has allowed me to grow rapidly at GRECHO, allowing me to confidently contribute to projects and demonstrate my expertise in the field. One of the best parts of working at GRECHO is that the culture of GRECHO has a profound impact on me. People's dedicated and serious attitude towards work has influenced my meticulous attitude towards any work.”

JEC 2023

GRECHO at JEC World 2023

JEC Composites Exhibition 2023 held in Paris,France and organized by JEC Group from April 25 to 27, 2023 was an awesome 3 days for GRECHO LTD arousing a lot of interest.

Our Yvonne Cho (CEO) had the chance to visit and make connections with the companies leading the innovations involving the composite materials and applications. Thanks to all visitors who crossed our path during this key event: it was nice to meet you!