• Coated Fiberglass Mat

Color Coated Fiberglass Mats for Ceiling

Coated Fiberglass Mat


Enhance the acoustic performance of your interior spaces with our premium Coated fiberglass facers. Designed to provide the perfect balance between beauty and functionality, our Coated fiberglass facers have excellent sound absorption properties while adding a touch of elegance to any room. Whether you are looking to improve the acoustics of a commercial building, office space or educational facility, our coated fiberglass facers are the ideal solution.

Finish Colors

/ Ceiling



Cream RAL 9001

Oyster white

Oyster white RAL 1013


Beige RAL 1001

Green beige

Green beige RAL 1000

Golden yellow

Golden yellow RAL 1004

Grey beige

Grey beige RAL 1019

Beige red

Beige red RAL 3012

Antique pink

Antique pink RAL 3014


Rose RAL 3017

Traffic red

Traffic red RAL 3020

Papyrus white

Papyrus white RAL 9018

Light grey

Light grey RAL 7035

Telegrey 4

Telegrey 4 RAL 7047

Agate grey

Agate grey RAL 7038

Signal grey

Signal grey  RAL 7004

Telegrey 1

Telegrey 1 RAL 7045

Dusty grey

Dusty grey RAL 7037

Silk grey

Silk grey RAL 7044

Concrete grey

Concrete grey RAL 7023

Olive grey

Olive grey  RAL 7002

Khaki grey

Khaki grey RAL 7008

Traffic grey B

Traffic grey B RAL 7043

Brown green

Brown green RAL 6008

Pastel green

Pastel green RAL 6019

Psle green

Psle green  RAL 6021

Patina green

Patina green RAL 6000

Pastel blue

Pastel blue RAL 5024

Sky blue

Sky blue RAL 5015

Brillant blue

Brillant blue RAL 5007

Anthracite grey

Anthracite grey  RAL 7016

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