• Coated Fiberglass Mat

Color Coated Fiberglass Mats for Gypsum board

Coated Fiberglass Mat

Gypsum board

Whether you are decorating a house, a commercial space or an industrial building, this innovative product will bring you a new wall experience! Coated Fiberglass Facers uses advanced fiberglass panel covering technology. Its unique coating design can enhance the water resistance, moisture resistance, and flame retardant properties of the wall panels, allowing your walls to maintain excellent durability and beauty in any environment.

Finish Colors

/ Gypsum board


Papyrus white

Papyrus white RAL 9018

Light grey

Light grey RAL 7035

Telegrey 4

Telegrey 4 RAL 7047

Agate grey

Agate grey RAL 7038

Signal grey

Signal grey  RAL 7004

Telegrey 1

Telegrey 1 RAL 7045

Dusty grey

Dusty grey RAL 7037

Silk grey

Silk grey RAL 7044

Concrete grey

Concrete grey RAL 7023

Olive grey

Olive grey  RAL 7002

Khaki grey

Khaki grey RAL 7008

Traffic grey B

Traffic grey B RAL 7043

Pastel blue

Pastel blue RAL 5024

Pastel green

Pastel green RAL 6019

Psle green

Psle green  RAL 6021

What are the characteristics of Coated Fiberglass Mats for Gypsum board?

1. Longevity of Plaster Plates.

Drywall with the addition of Coated Fiberglass Mat lasts longer and is more environmentally friendly. Because drywall has the addition of Coated Fiberglass Mat, which contains minerals instead of wood, it is strong and durable.

2. Superior Fire Resistance.

Coated Fiberglass Mat has good flame retardancy, so the fire resistance of gypsum boards added with Coated Fiberglass Mat is also very good, suitable for residential buildings, hospitals, schools, elevator shafts and other projects.

3. Excellent Soundproofing.

Another significant benefit of Color Coated Fiberglass Mats for Gypsum board is its ability to improve soundproofing within the home. Coated Fiberglass Mat effectively absorbs and reduces sound transmission between rooms, creating a quieter, more comfortable living environment. This feature is especially valuable for those seeking privacy or living in noisy neighborhoods.

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