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Through our proprietary coating process, GRECHO further improve the performance and resiliency of their products.

The advanced technology used by GRECHO allows them to achieve an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, resulting in a lighter material without compromising its structural integrity.

Additionally, GRECHO’s coated fiberglass veils ensure a high level of safety for a variety of applications. The specialized coating acts as a protective barrier, enhancing fire resistance and minimizing the risk of heat transfer.

Flame retardant test

Water absorption test

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GRECHO Coated Fiberlass Veils For Ceiling Tiles

GRECHO Coated Fiberlass Veils For Ceiling Tiles

Compared to traditional ceiling materials, GRECHO coated fiberglass veils texture and composition help absorb and dampen sound waves, reducing noise levels in the space, providing excellent acoustic performance. This makes them ideal for use in areas where noise control is required, such as conference rooms, auditoriums or entertainment venues.

GRECHO ceiling facers can easily adapt to a variety of ceiling surface designs and configurations.

GRECHO Coated Fiberlass Mats For Gypsum Wallboard

GRECHO coated fiberglass mat is used as a reinforcing layer within gypsum wallboard. They sit between the gypsum core and paper facing, providing strength, stability and dimensional integrity to the wallboard. The veil acts as a barrier, preventing the drywall from cracking, buckling, and sagging.

Fiberglass reinforcements significantly increase the strength and impact resistance of drywall. The result is a stronger, more durable wall panel that can withstand daily wear and tear and resist damage.

GRECHO Coated Fiberlass Mats For Gypsum Wallboard
GRECHO Coated Fiberglass Veils For Insulation Board

GRECHO Coated Fiberglass Veils For Insulation Board

GRECHO coated fiberglass veil contributes to the insulating properties of the insulated panels. Exterior walls often use insulated panels with coated fiberglass veils to improve energy efficiency and thermal performance. They help maintain a comfortable indoor climate and reduce energy consumption for heating or cooling.

They acts as a moisture barrier, protecting the insulation panels from moisture intrusion. This helps prevent damage from condensation, mold growth, or insulation degradation.

GRECHO Coated Fiberglass Veils For Rockwool/Glasswool

GRECHO fiberglass veil used in these insulation products is coated with flame retardant material. These coatings contain special additives designed to slow the spread of flames and reduce the risk of ignition. Flame retardant properties help prevent insulation from spreading fire.

Using GRECHO coated fiberglass veil can also help reduce the production of smoke during a fire. The veil captures and contains some of the combustion by-products, reducing the amount of smoke released into the surrounding environment.

GRECHO Coated Fiberglass Veils For Rockwool Glasswool
Fireproof and heat insulation

Fireproof and heat insulation

Anti-bacterial and anti-pollution

Anti-bacterial and anti-pollution

Uniform fiber good color retention

Uniform fiber good color retention

Noise reduction and sound insulation

Noise reduction and sound insulation

Smooth and clearn surface uniform mass

Smooth and clearn surface, uniform mass

UV resistance,corrosion resistance and wear resistance

UV resistance corrosion resistance and wear resistance

Data Parameter

Area Weight

120±5 g/m²

Nominal Fiber Length

9-12 mm

Filament Diameter

6-9 μm

IGL/LOI/ Combustion mattercontent

≤18 %

Tensile Strength MD

≥180 N/50mm

Tensile Strength CD

≥180 N/50mm


65 1/m2/s


97±1 %

Roll Width

1220 mm

Diameter of Roll

1100-1180 mm

Moisture Content

≤0.5 %

Finish Colors

/ Ceiling / Gypsum Board



Cream RAL 9001

Oyster white

Oyster white RAL 1013


Beige RAL 1001

Green beige

Green beige RAL 1000

Golden yellow

Golden yellow RAL 1004

Grey beige

Grey beige RAL 1019

Beige red

Beige red RAL 3012

Antique pink

Antique pink RAL 3014


Rose RAL 3017


The use of GRECHO coated fiberglass mats in a variety of applications is critical to achieving sustainability goals. These veils provide thermal insulation, structural reinforcement, moisture control and fire resistance, thereby increasing energy efficiency, durability and safety. By investing in GRECHO coated fiberglass veils, we can contribute to a green future, promoting sustainable practices and reducing ecological impact.

— GRECHO Fiberglass

GRECHO Fiberglass

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