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Achieving Transformative Improvements For Polyurethane Exterior Insulation Panels In France

the company from France specializing in building materials has achieved significant results by integrating GRECHO cement coated glass mats into polyurethane exterior insulation boards, resulting in transformative improvements.

Discover and Connect with Us:
The journey began when a buyer from France, a well-known supplier of building materials, was looking for a reliable and high-performance material for its polyurethane for exterior wall insulation panels.

Through diligent market research and industry networking, they discovered GRECHO's innovative cement-coated glass mat. Initial contact was made through mutual industry connections and they had success with GRECHO's products.

French purchaser was interested in the potential benefits of GRECHO cement-coated glass mats and contacted GRECHO through videoconferencing, email correspondence and telephone.

GRECHO Coated Fiberglass Veils For Insulation Board

This multi-channel approach allows for in-depth discussions and provides buyers with comprehensive insights into GRECHO's product and technical expertise.

Test the Free Sample and Evaluation Process:

After initial contact, GRECHO immediately arranged to provide free samples of cement coated glass mat to French buyers.

These samples have been carefully crafted to demonstrate the material's superior strength, durability and adaptability in polyurethane applications. The buyer's technical team conducted extensive testing and evaluation of the samples, and conducted rigorous performance evaluation and compatibility testing of its polyurethane formulation.


Throughout the process, GRECHO’s technical experts provided dedicated support, providing insights into the optimal integration and performance-enhancing potential of cement-coated glass mats. This collaborative testing phase allows buyers to gain first-hand experience with GRECHO products and build confidence in their suitability for specific applications. 

Place an Order and Implement:
The buyer was impressed by the excellent performance of the free samples and the valuable support provided by GRECHO, and subsequently placed orders for large quantities of cement-coated glass mats. Once the order was confirmed, GRECHO’s team seamlessly facilitated logistics and delivery, ensuring smooth and timely delivery of materials to the buyer’s factory in France. After delivery, the buyer's production and engineering teams worked closely with GRECHO's technical experts to carefully integrate the cement-coated glass mat into the polyurethane formula of the exterior wall insulation panels.

The active engagement and technical guidance provided by the GRECHO team during this phase played a key role in accelerating the implementation process and ensuring a seamless transition to the new material solution.

Positive Feedback From Buyers:

The application of GRECHO coating mat has resulted in a series of significant improvements in the performance and characteristics of insulation panels. Exterior wall insulated panels now exhibit enhanced structural integrity, increased resistance to environmental factors, and superior thermal insulation properties.

The buyer's customers were impressed with the upgraded panels, which displayed enhanced durability and longevity that exceeded industry standards. The final product application resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback, earning the buyer an enviable reputation for supplying customers with high-quality and advanced building materials.

Polyurethane Insulation Panels

Why They Chose GRECHO. Here's What They Say:

We were particularly attracted to the superior strength and durability provided by cement coated glass mats, properties that are critical to improving the performance and longevity of polyurethane exterior wall insulation panels.

The compatibility of the glass mat with our polyurethane formulation and its high resistance to moisture and environmental stress were highlighted as key reasons for choosing the GRECHO materials.

Problems Solved by Using GRECHO Cement Coated Glass Mat:
By integrating GRECHO's cement coated glass mat into its polyurethane exterior wall insulation panels, the buyer effectively addressed several key challenges and limitations prevalent in traditional panel manufacturing. The superior strength and resiliency of cement coated glass mats significantly enhances the structural integrity and impact resistance of insulation panels, mitigating issues associated with premature wear and degradation.

Superior Thermal Performance

Additionally, the addition of GRECHO materials promotes superior thermal insulation properties, significantly reducing heat loss and improving overall energy efficiency – a common concern among consumers looking for sustainable building solutions. In addition, the excellent moisture-proof properties of cement-coated fiberglass mats provide an effective solution against moisture-related damage, ensuring the longevity and performance stability of the insulation panels under different environmental conditions. 

Ultimately, the application of GRECHO cement coated glass mats enables buyers to offer insulated panels that exceed industry standards and effectively address critical performance and durability issues associated with traditional polyurethane boards.

Are You Still Hesitant to Make a Choice?

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Post time: Dec-06-2023