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Customer From The Uk Purchases Fiberglass Coated Mats For Plasterboards From GRECHO

Our journey began when our UK client contacted GRECHO with a specific requirement to manufacture high quality gypsum board. 


Samples Provided

After understanding their needs, our diligent team quickly assembled a sampling kit containing various types of fiberglass coated mats for their intended application. (Also, our samples are free for customers to test)

After carefully packing the samples, we send them to customers, ensuring timely delivery and allowing them to evaluate the quality and performance of our products at the first time. This first step lays the foundation for a strong partnership, as it demonstrates our commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions and our commitment to meeting their specific requirements.

Sample Test Passed:
Impressed with the quality and versatility of our coated fiberglass mats, the customer initiated a discussion with us to explore further collaboration potential. Our technical experts engaged in a detailed conversation, evaluating the customer's specific requirements and having an in-depth discussion on how our coated fiberglass mats could enhance their plasterboard production process.
We develops a tailor-made solution for customers, ensuring that the fiberglass coated mats are optimized for their specific production requirements.

Gypsum  Board Coated Fiberglass Mat

Confidence in the quality and performance of our products, customers have placed large orders for GRECHO Coated Fiberglass Mats, demonstrating their confidence in our capabilities as a reliable supplier. As our partnerships grow stronger, our commitment extends beyond product offerings. We ensure streamlined logistics and adhere to strict delivery schedules to support our customers' production plans. Transparency and efficiency characterize each of our interactions, enhancing the overall customer experience and fostering trust between both parties. 

Customer Feedback

The real measure of our success is the satisfaction of our customers. In this case, a UK customer shared a compelling piece of feedback that really validates the effectiveness of our fiberglass coated mats in plasterboard production.


"By integrating GRECHO Fiberglass Coated Mat into our production process, we have seen a significant improvement in the fire and moisture resistance of our plasterboard. Not only has this made our product more durable, but it has also increased the safety standards of our buildings with GRECHO.

Their dedication, excellent product quality and reliable delivery make them a trusted partner for our future enterprise. We turn to anyone looking for top service people highly recommend GRECHO Fiberglass Coated Mats for Drywall.

GRECHO's coated fiberglass mat not only enhances the strength and stability of the plasterboard but also provides excellent fire resistance and better sound insulation. These features are vital for commercial buildings to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for their future residents."


Positive feedback from our customers further affirms our commitment to driving their success and strengthens our position as a trusted supplier to the building materials industry.
We, GRECHO, also promise that we will be responsible for doing every job well at any time, and try our best to achieve the standards and requirements of our customers.

We offer a range of fiberglass coated mats, contact us to get your Free Sample

Post time: Aug-25-2023